I’m a hard-working man who loves web development, data analysis, social media, and family. I am a rock star engineer with talent in Java, C#, PHP, and Perl, not to mention front-end Javascript frameworks such as Angular and KnockoutJS and database programming for a few different flavors of SQL. (I’m best at PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.)

I have a wealth of experience using MVC frameworks, including Spring, ASP.NET and Play. I’ve worked in application development environments with individualized deployments operating on dedicated servers, and in virtual, cloud-based, containerized deployments based on both Docker and Microsoft Service Fabric.

I specialize in building applications that help solve real-world problems. Weirdly enough, however, I also have an MBA, so I speak the languages of both the business executive and software engineer. I am also pretty darn good at consulting those who need a plan to capitalize on the data they gather as a course of business and helping them chart a course toward the future.


Where I've been and what I've done

My career has been full of many excellent opportunities, but it has been very unconventional.

Towards the beginning of my career, I worked in digital media, focused on visual display, web layouts and structure, and production of news content. In that former life, I managed a publication that won the 2013 EPPY award for best sports website in America. I’ve was an editor, a writer, a producer, a reporter, a photographer, a videographer, a designer, and a brand manager.

Now, however, having left media behind, I am a software engineer. Most of my development work has been in financial tech and in integrations with payment processing systems, but I also have worked on a few e-commerce endeavors here and there. I have both built new web applications from the ground up and inherited massive existing projects with large amounts of technical debt. In all cases, I have strived to leverage technology to make life better and easier for those around me.

I’m also a decorated scholar. I have an MBA and two Bachelor’s degrees.

Here is a listing of several products I’ve built and places I’ve worked. Take a click to learn more about each.


Helena, Montana

Software Engineer

  • Engineer and architect for development and engineering of components of SoFi.com, including
    • Personal loan servicing management platform
    • User loan servicing portal
    • Dynamic document generation, including integration with Docusign for digital signatures
  • Automated loan amortization and repayment plan schedule generation
  • Automated data extract, transform and load (ETL) processes
  • Full-stack web development using these tools:
    • PostgreSQL
    • Spring Data JPA
    • Java
    • Play Framework
    • Spring Boot Framework
    • Apache Kafka
    • AngularJS
    • Bootstrap 3/4

Montana Interactive

Web Applications Developer

June 2016-Present

Development of web applications in cooperation with numerous agencies and departments of the State of Montana.

Among the applications to which I have contributed are:

Lee Enterprises

Helena, Montana

Digital Project Specialist


  • Development of business and marketing plan for overhaul of digital classifieds product
  • Design management of HelenaIR.com and MTStandard.com
  • Technical consultant to the newsroom | Live-streaming and blogging
  • Contests and promotions | Designer-in-chief | Increased promotional engagement by 2000+ percent
  • Email marketing | Grew email distribution base by 1000+ percent
  • Analytics guru | Deep insight into daily traffic numbers to drive content strategy
  • Social media management | Consistent growth in social audience and reach
  • Strategic vertical strategy development
  • Writer | Here’s one piece of mine that went viral in our local market


Formerly Covario

San Diego, California

Analytics and Research Team Intern

April 2014 to December 2014

  • High-level statistical analysis of digital metrics, including time-series forecasting, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, association analysis, and other techniques
  • Data warehousing, mining and analysis using business intelligence tools
  • Month-to-month custom, automated reporting with Microsoft Excel and Tableau visualization tools
  • Understanding of SEO best practices


Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education

Logan, Utah

Contracted Web Developer

November 2011 to December 2013

Built and maintained a CMS for Utah State University office to manage contracts of state offices of education throughout the country using SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery

See a live demo here

Deseret Digital Media

Salt Lake City, Utah

DeseretNews.com Sports Web Producer | Oct. 2012 – Nov. 2013

Family Initiative Producer | Feb. 2012 – Oct. 2012

The point man for Deseret News Sports Digital Properties

Deseret Digital Media owns these brands

  • Winner: 2013 EPPY Award for Best Sports Website in America
  • Managed Deseret News Sports digital staff and contribution network of 20+ writers
  • Managed and grew external contributor network by 600 percent
  • Interfaced with editors, executives and jouralists to execute our plans.
  • CMS guru to coworkers and teammates
  • Ad Hoc WordPress development
  • Content marketing to key influencers outside the organization.


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