I love software engineering and data analysis, and I do it well. I have talent in Java, Kotlin, C#, PHP, and Perl, not to mention front-end Javascript frameworks such as React, Angular and KnockoutJS. I have extensive experience in database programming for a few different flavors of SQL. (I’m best at PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.)

I have a wealth of experience using MVC frameworks, including Spring, ASP.NET and Play. I routinely manage massive data pipelines that shuttle gigabytes worth of data concerning financial instruments collectively worth billions of dollars for stakeholders both within my organization and without. I’ve worked in application development environments with individualized deployments operating on dedicated servers, and in virtual, cloud-based, containerized deployments based both on Docker (I’ve used primarily dev-compose and kubernetes) and Microsoft Service Fabric / Azure.

I specialize in building applications that help solve real-world problems. Weirdly enough, I also am an MBA, so I speak the languages of both the business executive and software engineer.  I am also pretty good at consulting those who need a plan to capitalize on the data they gather as a course of business and helping them chart a course toward the future.