I’m a hard-working man who loves web development, data analysis, social media, and family. I am a rock star engineer with talent in Java, C#, PHP, and Perl, not to mention front-end Javascript frameworks such as Angular and KnockoutJS and database programming for a few different flavors of SQL. (I’m best at PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.)

I have a wealth of experience using MVC frameworks, including Spring, ASP.NET and Play. I’ve worked in application development environments with individualized deployments operating on dedicated servers, and in virtual, cloud-based, containerized deployments based on both Docker and Microsoft Service Fabric.

I specialize in building applications that help solve real-world problems. Weirdly enough, however, I also have an MBA, so I speak the languages of both the business executive and software engineer. I am also pretty darn good at consulting those who need a plan to capitalize on the data they gather as a course of business and helping them chart a course toward the future.