My career has been full of many excellent opportunities, but it has been very unconventional.

Towards the beginning of my career, I worked in digital media, focused on visual display, web layouts and structure, and production of news content. In that former life, I managed a publication that won the 2013 EPPY award for best sports website in America. I’ve was an editor, a writer, a producer, a reporter, a photographer, a videographer, a designer, and a brand manager.

Now, however, having left media behind, I am a software engineer. Most of my development work has been in financial tech and in integrations with payment processing systems, but I also have worked on a few e-commerce endeavors here and there. I have both built new web applications from the ground up and inherited massive existing projects with large amounts of technical debt. In all cases, I have strived to leverage technology to make life better and easier for those around me.

I’m also a decorated scholar. I have an MBA and two Bachelor’s degrees.

Here is a listing of several products I’ve built and places I’ve worked. Take a click to learn more about each.


Helena, Montana

Software Engineer

  • Engineer and architect for development and engineering of components of, including
    • Personal loan servicing management platform
    • User loan servicing portal
    • Dynamic document generation, including integration with Docusign for digital signatures
  • Automated loan amortization and repayment plan schedule generation
  • Automated data extract, transform and load (ETL) processes
  • Full-stack web development using these tools:
    • PostgreSQL
    • Spring Data JPA
    • Java
    • Play Framework
    • Spring Boot Framework
    • Apache Kafka
    • AngularJS
    • Bootstrap 3/4

Montana Interactive

Web Applications Developer

June 2016-Present

Development of web applications in cooperation with numerous agencies and departments of the State of Montana.

Among the applications to which I have contributed are:

Lee Enterprises

Helena, Montana

Digital Project Specialist


  • Development of business and marketing plan for overhaul of digital classifieds product
  • Design management of and
  • Technical consultant to the newsroom | Live-streaming and blogging
  • Contests and promotions | Designer-in-chief | Increased promotional engagement by 2000+ percent
  • Email marketing | Grew email distribution base by 1000+ percent
  • Analytics guru | Deep insight into daily traffic numbers to drive content strategy
  • Social media management | Consistent growth in social audience and reach
  • Strategic vertical strategy development
  • Writer | Here’s one piece of mine that went viral in our local market


Formerly Covario

San Diego, California

Analytics and Research Team Intern

April 2014 to December 2014

  • High-level statistical analysis of digital metrics, including time-series forecasting, multiple linear regression, logistic regression, association analysis, and other techniques
  • Data warehousing, mining and analysis using business intelligence tools
  • Month-to-month custom, automated reporting with Microsoft Excel and Tableau visualization tools
  • Understanding of SEO best practices


Technical Assistance for Excellence in Special Education

Logan, Utah

Contracted Web Developer

November 2011 to December 2013

Built and maintained a CMS for Utah State University office to manage contracts of state offices of education throughout the country using SQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery

See a live demo here

Deseret Digital Media

Salt Lake City, Utah Sports Web Producer | Oct. 2012 – Nov. 2013

Family Initiative Producer | Feb. 2012 – Oct. 2012

The point man for Deseret News Sports Digital Properties

Deseret Digital Media owns these brands

  • Winner: 2013 EPPY Award for Best Sports Website in America
  • Managed Deseret News Sports digital staff and contribution network of 20+ writers
  • Managed and grew external contributor network by 600 percent
  • Interfaced with editors, executives and jouralists to execute our plans.
  • CMS guru to coworkers and teammates
  • Ad Hoc WordPress development
  • Content marketing to key influencers outside the organization.