Senior Software Engineer

Helena, MT & Salt Lake City, UT

July 2018 – Apr 2022

  • Member and Senior Developer on the loan servicing group, a team that builds tools that actively manage a multi-billion dollar personal loan portfolio, which is among SoFi’s best-reviewed and best-performing products.
  • Areas of focus:
    • Loan amortization and loan repayment schedule generation
    • Principal, interest, and fee calculation and allocation
    • Payment processing
    • Credit reporting
    • Forbearance and loan modification programs for customers facing hardship
    • Automated consumption and distribution of inordinate amounts of credit reporting data
    • Customer relations and communications tools, including SMS, Email, and telephony
    • Third-party integrations
  • Full-stack web development using these tools:
    • Spring Framework for DI & IoC
    • Spring Boot for containerized deployments in Kubernetes
    • Spring Batch for automated file processing
    • Spring Data JPA and Hibernate for data layer integration
    • Spring Kafka for inter-application decoupled communication
  • Languages / Libraries
    • Java
    • Kotlin
    • React
    • AngularJS
    • Bootstrap 3/4